April 26, 1966 — Wichita Scouting Do-op, Inc. received its charter of Incorporation from the State of Texas. The purpose of the corporation was to gather scouting and geological information for North and West Central Texas regions. Exchange and preserve oil and gas information, particularly well drilling, completing and work-over — to promote development and conservation of oil and gas resources.

March 1, 1983 — Oil Information Library of Wichita Falls was sent a Certificate of restated articles of Incorporation — changing the name from Wichita Scouting Co-op, Inc.

The purpose of the newly named corporation was:
To establish, endow, administer, equip, maintain and operate a research library and thereby encourage, foster, promote and advance research and education in the field of geological science. The facilities of the library will open for the use and benefit of the general public.

June 24, 1983 – OIL — as it came to be known — met the requirements for exemption as a 501 (C) (3) organization.

Those requirements being open for the use and benefit of the General Public!

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